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TRS, is the Indian distributor and technical partner of ABBYY, which is one of the world’s largest OCR/ICR Company. Being the earliest partner to ABBYY in India, TRS is well versed in handling and providing technical training/assistance to clients who want to use ABBYY for their processes. Top corporates in India belonging to the IT sector, Insurance and Banking have been using ABBYY solutions with technical support from TRS.

Specific Needs

Our solutions


Companies cutting across sectors like Banking, Healthcare, Insurance and Transportation, require effective capabilities to handle large number of paperwork. Automating account opening to cheque fraud detections in banks, automating patient registration in hospitals, billing/claims processing in insurance companies, all can be achieved using a strong OCR/ICR software.

Pre-Verified Documents

Thousands of internally generated documents that are issued to employees, need to be kept secure through some means. This is to prevent any misuse of company name by any person who tries to forge these documents.

The ABBYY Flexicapture, is one of the most intelligent recognition software which will help big institutions process large numbers of structured/unstructured documents. The software will recognise, classify and extract relevant data as defined to the needs of the client. ABBYY FineReader Engine, is a comprehensive OCR SDK for developers. This AI powered SDK, provides applications with text recognition capabilities, data capture functionalities and enabling conversion of scans into PDF, Word and Excel documents.

  • Improved customer service, automated customer support
  • Lowering costs as there will be a reduction in manual labour
  • Improved efficiency of business processes, increase in productivity, giving a competitive edge over others.

An effective way to prevent that is to make use of security marks and TRS has developed a solution for this. eSekure, is a non-tamperable, highly encrypted code which can be printed on documents and for verification, the person just needs to read that code through a portal of the company. The code cannot be read normally. Thus, at the instance of creation of a document, this mark can be generated and affixed on it, making it a pre-verified document.

  • Verification done in an instant. Saves time.
  • Cost effective, ease of usage.
  • Mobile app present on the store to use from any place.

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