TRS solutions for Universities

Streamline Admission and Examination related processes in a cost effective, time bound manner.

TRS solutions empower Universities to handle large student data in an efficient and time bound manner. Our integrated solutions enable large educational institutes to conduct their entrance examinations efficiently, facilitate the evaluation of answer booklets on screen, help them securely evaluate answer scripts with zero leakage of student identity and to keep their certificates tamper proof.

Specific Needs

Our solutions

Entrance exam process

Most Universities conduct admission exams every year to take in a fresh batch of students. Over 25 million students are currently part of the higher education system in India and this number is increasing exponentially every year. Universities handle two major processes here, which are application process before exam and evaluation-result publication after.

End Semester/Internal examinations:

These examinations are subjective and Universities tend to handle the answer scripts of all constituent colleges. Current process in most universities involves, dummy numbering of booklets, tearing top sheet to protect student identity, scanning barcode, sending for evaluation and result publication after matching dummy numbers to original roll.

The initial application process can be hosted online and the data collected can be processed to generate hall tickets and other reports as and when needed. The questions for the examination can be stored in a common server and one can use it to generate as many questions papers as needed randomly. If the exam is conducted offline, the sheets can be scanned with the help of high speed hybrid OMR scanners which give error free results in no time.

  • No human intervention which help maintain high levels of secrecy.
  • Errors are eliminated to a large extent.
  • Process is hastened thereby saving time and money for the institution.
  • The chance of leakage of question papers is almost nil.
  • Hassle free result publication without any delays.

Online evaluation of booklets.

This entire process can be done more effectively by allowing for the evaluation of answer booklets on screen. Booklets just need to undergo one single process where they are batched and digitised. TRS has developed its own error free digitisation procedure for booklets with the help of an in-house developed book scanner. These booklets are stored in a secure server from which they can be sent to the evaluators. This allocation is random and the front page is automatically removed when it goes for evaluation. The evaluator can finish his job and send back the marks online. Result can be published as soon as the evaluation process is complete.

  • No dummy numbering required. This eliminates all other allied processes related to it.
  • Simultaneous evaluation of the same booklet possible without any extra effort.
  • Student information is completely masked.
  • Real time monitoring of the evaluation process and keep a check on evaluation speed.
  • RTI requests/revaluation can be handled with utmost ease.
  • Physical movement of booklets minimised, thereby saving costs and time. No dispatch cost.
  • Improved mark accuracy, significantly reduces revaluation requests.

Offline evaluation of booklets.

The evaluation procedure remains the same but the processes around it can be automated so that in effect time and money is saved while giving an error free result. The student before he writes his exam, doesn’t need to fill any details in the front sheet. Instead, a pre generated encrypted QR (eSekure) is given along with the attendance sheet and the student needs to stick that QR on his booklet. After the exam, the booklets can be sent directly for evaluation without any other process. The evaluators need to shade the marks awarded on the front sheet and send them back. These booklets are then scanned once through the TRS FireEye Scanner. This scanner reads the QR, marks and tabulates results, while printing a human readable number on the booklet which can be used for future retrieval of answer scripts.

  • No Dummy numbering required and hence no tearing of front sheet.
  • No scanning the booklets before sending them for evaluation. This saves around 15-20 days in total for the universities.
  • Eliminates any manual process hence saves costs and reduces damage of booklets.
  • Results can be published on time irrespective of the volume as the FireEye scanner can handle huge volumes efficiently.

Examination Attendance

Universities have some exams which may happen across various centres, leading to collation of large amount of student data from different geographical locations. Also many cases of student impersonation have been reported and institutions are finding it hard to control such incidents.

Verification of Certificates/Mark Statements:

Lakhs of students go out today into the job market looking for opportunities. Watching the rise in cases relating to document forgery, companies want to be very sure that the candidates they hire are not cheating them. At such instances, universities are required to verify the degrees and other such documents issues by them.

Mobile connectivity today has reached every nook and corner of this country, and hence this can be leveraged to help us address this issue. TRS has come out with its own mobile application called ePresent, which is used to capture data fields like photograph, barcode, signature of the candidate from the exam venue. This data can then be uploaded to a common secure server with hours to help ease of collation of attendance data.

  • Elimination of impersonations as photograph of the person writing the exam is collected and hence it can be verified in case of doubt during admission.
  • Since we are able to capture barcode data, student is not required to write anything on the booklet.
  • Time saved and reduction of errors during collation of attendance data.

An effective method can be to create Secured Pre Verified Documents. The process involves creation of unique encrypted marks from the result file for each student. This code will be unique for every candidate. We can then print this code on the certificates, mark statements. Also, the document can be encrypted as a pdf file and be stored on a cloud server.

The person who needs to verify a document either needs to go on the cloud and download from server or read the code present on his physical certificate through a secure portal. This portal will be in the control of the university and hence no one else can spoof it. For every verification, a small charge can be collected by the university if needed.

  • Since the secure mark is created from the candidates result file, it becomes pre-verified.
  • The code is encrypted and hence tamper proof
  • Verification is made simple and fast. No need for the student to travel for getting verified documents.

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