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‘Smart Classes’, being the buzz word today, we see many institutions adopting latest technology to help in effectively transferring knowledge. Since most students appear for various entrance tests just after finishing their secondary education, schools also need to be well equipped to give their student the exposure to similar mock exams. To help schools address this challenge, TRS has developed low cost solutions which ensure high quality standards.

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Question paper generation

To monitor and test students regularly, conducting examinations at set intervals is a powerful tool. Preparing question papers still remains a challenge as an institute needs to consult various stakeholders involved in the process constantly. To simplify each and every step of this procedure, one can take the help of technology.

A common server either on the cloud or kept locally, can be used as a central location to store all possible questions according to subject, difficulty and other parameters. Various users can be given restricted access to this server to add questions with the approval of a single admin. Once this question bank is created, then generation of question papers randomly, in any format as required, can be done with ease.

This question paper can be either hosted online or be generated offline to take a print. Evaluation of the objective sheets can be done using low end hybrid OMR scanners which can handle low volumes at high speed.

  • Enabling free flow of content/information sharing within the institution.
  • Automating evaluation saves time and costs involved due to reduction in manual labour.
  • Hassle free generation of question papers while maintaining complete secrecy. Zero chances of leakage of questions.
  • Exposes students to the modern ways of examinations, which will help improve their performance in various competitive exams.

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