TRS solutions for Recruitment Agencies

Leveraging high speed data capturing technologies to enable error free results.

TRS solutions endow Recruitment boards with the capability to conduct entrance examinations where the number of candidates every year is of the scale of a few millions. Our domain expertise in large scale OMR/OCR data capture over three decades, puts us in a pole position to provide services to handle such large amount of data.

Specific Needs

Our solutions

Recruitment Exams

Large scale recruitment by government bodies happen every year for filling up various levels of our bureaucracy. Generally, the examination is an objective exam and the time frame starting from examination registration till result publication is around 45-60 days.

Being in this sector for over three decades, TRS has been catering to such bodies which include some of the earliest State PSCs and in a way, was the pioneer in introducing OMR to the India market. The scale of examinations vary from small volumes to very large numbers. Also, such exams can be conducted online over the internet.

The initial application process can been fully automated and the portal configurable as required by the client. For online exams, the evaluation and result publication can be done on the next day of the exam itself. In the case of offline exams, for large volumes, high speed OMR scanners can be used to finish evaluation within days. Also, normal image scanners can be converted to a hybrid OMR scanner to cut costs but will give the same quality of an OMR scanner. This is done with the help of some specialised software developed by TRS.

  • Automating entrance exams end to end saves a lot of time. Reduce labour.
  • Eliminates hidden costs present during the manual process.
  • Nil errors due to minimal human intervention.
  • Highly secure due to lack of possibility of data leakage at any instance.

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