Transforming pre-evaluation process for faster result publication

Dummy numbering, OMR/Barcode reading and image capture all done in one single scan of the booklet.

FireEye has been the product which has redefined the examination evaluation process over the last decade. Being one of the first products to come out of R&D by TRS, this machine can handle huge amounts of answer booklets with high efficiency. Booklets can be sent directly for evaluation after exams, thereby saving more than 20-25 days of manual labour, which directly results in faster publication of results. Attendance data is also verified simultaneously, hence, missing or excess answer booklets can be identified.

Key Features

Process / Work Flow


Faster publication of error free results.

Reduces manual intervention, makes the process streamlined.

Huge volumes of booklets can be handled with ease (1200 booklets/hour under ideal conditions).

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