OMR Software – eXtract pro

A unique solution that enables a document scanner to function as hybrid OMR scanner, thereby offering huge time and cost saving. This can be used for any volume for OMR job.


  • Data extraction from OMR images – Scanner independent
  • Quick extraction of OMR / Check marks – Circular, Oval or Square
  • Extraction of data from printed (OCR), Handwritten (ICR) Forms & Barcode data
  • Simultaneous image cropping features for Photographs, Address & Signature
  • Easy recognition of dual page OMR images, partial marks, pen or pencils marks
  • Automatic de-skewing features in case of skewed images


  • Eliminates the need for purchasing costly OMR scanners
  • Best suited for MCQ’ s – Maintenance free – Cost effective
  • No special skill set required for scanner operation

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