Simple and Secure generation of Question Papers

A single secure database for Questions, on the cloud, which can beaccessed real time by admin and offline/online question papers can be generated at random when ever required

This question bank solution from TRS is an easy to use, interactive software, which enables institutes of all sizes to exercise greater control over their question paper preparation and delivery. The number of question paper leakage issues has been increasing in recent times and the major cause for it is the manual process involved. Also, the constant logistical hassle of contacting different faculties, to collect resources is a big challenge. This is also addressed by eQbank, by providing for multiple users who can access the database to add new questions from anywhere.

Key Features

Process / Work Flow


Huge savings in time and cost.

Question paper delivery is also made secure.

Easy Question insertion modules – Text, images, formulas & symbols.

Efficient encryption of question paper before delivery.

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