Question Bank Management & Delivery – eQbank

A comprehensive package to take care of all types of question bank to be maintained, preparation of question paper of various permutation and combinations, preparation of question paper for printing purpose, posting of such question paper online for taking online examination.


  • Comprehensive software to maintain all subjects in a single central server
  • Easy Question insertion modules – Text, images, formulas & symbols
  • Maintain various parameters like difficulty index, type of question, time required to answer, qualification required to answer etc.
  • Define templates for question paper – Sections, short & long answers
  • Quickly generate a question paper – Randomize Question types
  • Generate question and take it as PDF or post it in on-line assessment
  • Centralized, Secured delivery of Question papers
  • Capability to handle multiple remote locations 
  • Authenticated admin controls to create masters
  • Integration to Question paper bank module
  • Efficient encryption of question paper before delivery
  • Decryption settings at the remote locations

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