Online Evaluation / Marking – eMarquer

The answer booklets can be digitized completely and posted on the central server for valuation by the evaluators online. The valuators can sit at any place and evaluate the papers with full security. Double valuation and reevaluation can also be introduced with ease.

Drawbacks of the manual valuation like wrong totaling, revaluation etc can be removed easily by introducing this method. Result preparation becomes very fast and reduction in man power.


  • Role based access to Indexing process – Image Management & Super Admin Controls
  • Evaluation can be enabled in both LAN as well as web-based modes
  • Setting evaluation standards and authorizing
  • Automatic or Manual allocation of Answer booklets with Admin Controls
  • Full screen view of answer sheets
  • Masking of the required portions in the Answer sheets
  • Allows multiple evaluators to correct the single answer sheet
  • Exact replica of the physical evaluation process – Hence more easily adopted by the evaluators without any difficulty
  • Real time monitoring of the evaluation – There by bringing standardization on evaluation
  • Answer sheet images can also be provided on USB dongles – For correction by evaluators even without Internet – Synch back to the server
  • Generalized evaluation table generator for any type of question paper with different sets of options and corresponding maximum marks


  • Minimises logistics; thereby saving time, efforts and costs
  • Improves marking accuracy
  • Enables Real time monitoring and tracking
  • Physical movement of documents minimised; documents are safe and secured
  • Evaluation will be standard since points for correction will be shown for every question
  • Copy of the paper can be provided to students as many institutions provide photocopy on request from the student to offer transparency
  • RTI request can be handled efficiently

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