Document Security & Verification – eSekure

A path breaking solution that offers the dual benefits of creating 100% tamper-proof documents (e.g. degree certificates, mark statements, etc) and offering a real-time online verification of the same. eSekure stores the data in a non-replicable, encrypted security mark that can be verified by users anytime automatically through a web-portal. The verification is thereby enabled without any access to database for fetching the data.


  • The Security Mark is generated with variable data hence unique for each document
  • 100% tamper-proof; follows three level algorithm and unique logic for each application
  • Stores the data in the encrypted mark and does not need any access to any database for fetching the data
  • Verification can be done from anywhere using a network
  • Verification is simple and immediate and saves precious time
  • Provides 100% authentication, making it the Ultimate Security Mark for your documents
  • Helps in FERPA compliance


  • eSekure eliminates the need for employing third party private agencies to carry out backend verification. Not only it saves time but also saves on the cost spent on these agencies
  • eSekure does not require any big infrastructure to be maintained for verification. In terms of financials the saving is huge
  • The documents need not be sent back to the issuing authority for obtaining a certificate of authenticity
  • There is no risk of losing the originals during transit by post or courier
  • Since the end user verifies directly, there is no intermediary who can possibly influence the verification process
  • This product prevents technology from being misused to carry out malpractices

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