eMage 10

The TRS eMage10 offers Image and Optical Mark Reading through a seamless integration of these two technologies. It is primarily used for applications combining category data with images are available for ICR (instantaneously or post process), keying from image or for reference and archiving. Validated category data, ICR data and associated image files can be instantly produced at the scanner.


  • Automatic saving of any defined portions or the whole form as JPG or other formats in hard disk or to server via network
  • De-skew of sheets in real-time and has one of the best logics for de-skew of sheets.
  • It has been equipped with DSP CPU, and communicates with host computer using USB-COM converter to use USB2.0 port.
  • Detector technologies are widely used in the machine to make the running status can be controlled and monitored more easily; especially the adoption of sheet thickness detector can prevent double sheets during the scanning.
  • Uses drop-out imaging to give OMR compatibility and to allow the masking of background parts of the form. This lowers storage and post processing costs and delays.
  • Clips area on the fly which reduces storage and post processing costs and delays. Relevant data are available immediately.
  • Simultaneously processes OMR, barcode, and ICR by using add-in software. This gives total Data entry flexibility at high throughput rates.

Speed and performance

Scans at 7000 A4 forms per hour at 200 dpi and 256 level grayscale scanning. Reading OMR the typical speed is over 8000 A4 forms per hour.

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