TRS solutions for Coaching Institutes

Providing cost effective technologies which enable efficient student training

Coaching institutes today play a key role in the education sector, as they train millions of students every year to crack entrance examinations. Conducting regular mock tests to evaluate students, is a big challenge to these institutes and TRS provides for simple but effective solutions to enable them to handle this challenge using limited resources.

Specific Needs

Our solutions

Online/Offline Mock tests

Conducting mock tests at fixed intervals involves significant effort in developing question papers and during evaluation, publishing results after the test. Coaching institutes vary in their sizes, which in turn reflects in the resources present at their disposal. Keeping such limitations in mind, TRS has tailor made solutions for institutes of all sizes.

Before starting to develop question papers for the mock tests, it is much easier if there is a common database which stores questions ordered subject wise and difficulty wise. This database is made secure and is hosted on the cloud so that any number of registered users with the admin’s permission can add new questions to the bank from any place with the help of the internet. Question papers can be generated from this bank anytime at random, customised as per requirements. These can then be hosted as online exams to the students or can be printed and given to students in offline mode.

The evaluation of online exams is done instantly and results can be published via SMS/email or in the online portal where other analytics can also be seen. In the offline mode, low end OMR scanners, suited for small volumes can be used to process results within a couple of hours and the result file can be published in any common format as needed.

  • Provides a professional outlook to the institute and enhances credibility.
  • Reduction of manual labour thereby reducing costs.
  • Time is saved and this increase efficiency of working of the entire organisation.
  • Greater connectivity with the students, improves student performance.

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