World’s leading OCR/ICR solution providers

ABBYY products help your organisation go paperless, automate internal processes and in smart archiving.

ABBYY has been a market leader in providing OCR/ICR solutions to various sectors, around the world and TRS is the distributor and technical partner of ABBYY in India. ABBYY Flexicapture and its Finereader engine can be highly customised to client requirements, thereby giving greater capabilities to companies to handle and automate their internal/external processes.

Key Features


Lowers operational costs.

Smart image pre-processing, easy verification tool and option to train new characters.

Can be readily integrated with existing setup.

Saves time by eliminating manual work.


ABBYY Recognition server

Enterprise-level automated document capture and PDF conversion server that brings efficiency and convenienence into document processing and archiving routines.

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ABBYY Flexicapture

Provides powerful information extraction technology that reveals entities, events and relationships across unstructured text.

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ABBYY Finereader Engine

Powerful OCR SDK to integrate ABBYY’s recognition, document imaging and conversion technologies into various applications for server, desktop, mobile, MFP or other devices.

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ABBYY Flexicapture Engine

Comprehensive data capture SDK for integrating industry-leading data and document capture, forms and invoice processing and classification technologies into server, desktop and mobile applications.

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