Smart Scanner

The one of TRS flagship eSmart series scanners are robust, USB-ready form scanners which capture data in real time. eSmart range offers real time high volume, high speed data capture and processing whilst supporting a variety of data capture options including OMR, image clipping, barcodes, OCR and carriage printing. With high capacity hoppers and advanced paper handling to ensure high throughput, the eSmart series can be provided as integral elements for online-scoring projects.


  • Detection of image quality. (Such as defaced or skewed and so on).
  • Dynamic detect technology reduce the occurrence of sheet errors.
  • Optional interactive transport printer to mark each form while scanning.
  • Two reject hoppers, one holds up to 100 forms and the other holds up to 50 forms.
  • Double sheets detector is used to detect double sheets while scanning
  • A retarder is used to assist separating sheets while scanning.
  • Search processes only fields that contain data. Or, it can isolate forms that are missing
  • Critical fields like a Stain.
  • Perform many tasks and as a result, improve efficiency and minimize costly errors.
  • The scanner reads both handprint and machine printed characters.

    Speed and performance

  • Speeds up to 30 single face A4 pages per minute.
  • Optical character recognition (OCR) increases data productivity by reading pre-printed
  • Characters while scanning in real time. This avoids the need for pre-slugging data.
  • USB I/O interface to facilitate control and data management.
  • 24-hour non-stop work.


Capable of processing high volumes of forms, the eSmart series scanners can apply multiple solutions to the same form – OMR for marking multiple choice questions, OCR for interpreting printed material, eSmart series to capture more complex information and imaging.

  • Processing and reading the barcode,OMR,OCR information's in real-time
  • 256 grey levels for erasure or intended marking discriminations.
  • Barcode reading at vertical or horizontal positions with 100% recognition rate.
  • OMR with 100% recognition rate when normatively marked. When anomalistically.
  • Marked OMR recognition with accuracy more than 99.999% by contrast with manually recognition.
  • OCR recognition with accuracy more than 95%.
  • 0-9 handwritten character recognition with accuracy more than 95%.


Here's how some of our customers are using optical mark read (OMR) scanners or Intelligent Hybrid Scanner (IHS) in their businesses, schools, and government agencies.

  • Student testing
  • Attendance
  • Course evaluations
  • Pre-employment testing
  • Surveys
  • Statistics
  • Skills assessments
  • Product/customer registration

Data Collection Methods

With an eSmart scanner, you can choose the methods of data collection that best meet your needs:

  • Mark sense (bubbles, checks, tick marks).
  • Bar code.
  • Key from image (for open-ended questions or comments).
  • Gray-scale image capture for viewing drawings, photographs, and signatures.
  • Dropout colors to enable both pencil and ink read capabilities.

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